All I Need to Know About College Teaching I Learned as High School Teacher

Adam Golub is a former UT American Studies PhD graduate, who is now an associate professor of American Studies.

On September 25, 2013, he wrote a piece  about overlaps between K-12 teaching and college teaching titled, “All I Needed to Know about College Teaching I Learned as a High School Teacher“:

My years in the secondary classroom were formative for me as an educator. What I found especially valuable was learning how to write lesson plans and unit plans. Generating these plans — for as many as five different classes, five days a week — could sometimes be tedious, but the process helped me focus more broadly on the components of an effective lesson. High school teaching taught me that regardless of the topic you are teaching on any particular day, a good lesson contains certain elements. As a result, I approach the preparation of my college classes with the same mindset: I establish objectives, I begin class with an attention grabber, I build on students’ prior knowledge, I provide opportunities for practice, I teach to different learning styles, and I reflect on my own teaching.

This piece is part of a series focused on creating a dialogue among K-12 and post-secondary pedagogies and pedagogues at Hybrid Pedagogy.

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