Lunch Workshops

This fall the History Course Transformation Project will be holding a faculty and graduate student workshop series devoted to talking about teaching and learning.  The conversation will most likely be lively since we all have experience with both.

Beginning September 20, we will meet on alternate Fridays from noon to 1:30 in the main conference room. The schedule is:

September 20: How do historians think?  

  • This workshop will begin with an overview of the History Department’s Course Transformation Project that is launching this semester. Participants then will help design a step-by-step guide to thinking like an historian. There is no reading required prior to this workshop.
  • Let Jessica (the project’s GRA) know if you plan to attend and she will add your name to the lunch order:

October 4: Exploring Participatory Learning

October 18:  History and its New Pedagogues

November 15: A Conversation about the Future of Teaching History

Another meeting before the break?  Who Knows?

  • Decisions.

More information coming soon!


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